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a new sound

from the Afro-Peruvian coast

Mirtha Guerrero, is on the stage "La Machete". Singer-songwriter of the new generation of contemporary Afro-Peruvian music.

Halfway between Susana Baca and Novalima, La Machete offers us a lively and current look at the rhythms of the Pacific Coast, the place where she grew up. A cultural facet still quite unknown outside of Peru. La Machete has lived in France for the last few years and produced her latest album "De verdes…y maduras". Currently, she is between Lyon and Lima, finishing recording a new album. Its release is scheduled for very soon.

La Machete Mirtha Guerrero

Música //

De verdes... y maduras

Co-production : La Brecha, Alliance Française in Lima, SPEDIDAM
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Music available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Boomplay, etc.

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Letras //

Horizonte - La Machete
00:00 / 00:00

Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete"

Passarinho - LA MACHETE
00:00 / 00:00

Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete"

La Valse Creole - CHABUCA GRANDA
00:00 / 00:00

"La valse créole"
Music and lyrics: Chabuca Granda / Arrangements: Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete"

Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete" except "La valse créole" music and lyrics: Chabuca Granda and "Ces petits riens" music and lyrics: Serge Gainsbourg

Lead vocal: Mirtha Guerrero La Machete / Guitar: Félix Casaverde / Piano: Pepe Céspedes / Double bass & bass: Enderson Herencia / Percussions: Hugo Bravo / Trumpet: Yohan Giaume / Backing vocals: Enderson Herencia & Felix Casaverde  / Electric guitar "No quise Hallar Consuelo" & Additionnal guitar "Horizonte": Denis Mignard / Electric guitars "Pachamama Remix": Juancho Esquivel & Daniel Garcia from Lima Tropical Beats / "Pachamama" Remix: Juancho Esquvel


Design & Artwork: Stéphane Hilerman & Marion Gomis from SHUT Studio - Photos: Fabienne Régnier et Nicolas Miquau

Pachamama - La Machete
00:00 / 00:00

Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete"

00:00 / 00:00

Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete"

Escena //

News //


>"clip"ahi volver" - shot in Lima, Peru

>"clip"cumbita savadora" - shot in Lyon, France

New EP!



Recorded @ Estudio Dragon Verde in Lima, Peru.

Mix & mastering @ Studio Altho in Lyon, France.

Press review //
Articles in French and Spanish - Peruvian National press -

En vivo //


Live mix

Mix of various tracks - Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero - Concert en Lima
ON STAGE - Lead vocal: Mirtha Guerrero / Guitar: Félix Casaverde / Piano: Pepe Céspedes / Percusions: Hugo Bravo / Bass: Enderson Herencia / Sound: Fico Hoyle

Live ¿ A Dónde el alma corre ?

A flight. El exilio y el placer de volver, no importa como lejos no fuimos

Music and lyrics: Mirtha Guerrero

ON STAGE - Lead vocal: Mirtha Guerrero / Guitar: Félix Casaverde / Piano: Pepe Céspedes / Percusions: Hugo Bravo / Bass: Enderson Herencia / Sound: Fico Hoyle

Concert in Alliance Française, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Kiri Escobar & Mirtha Guerrero "La Machete" cantando "Omnibus"

Music and lyrics: Daniel Kiri Escobar

Shot in Espace ECAL, Paris 20

Clips //

Videos of the new EP coming very soon !!


Ahí volver

Music and lyrics: : M. Guerrero La Machete

Dancers: Qhaswa Perú - Daniel Aguilar Olaya y Bruno Lanfranco Gerez

Cumbita salvadora

Music and lyrics: M. Guerrero La Machete



Prensa //

La Machete @ Radio France International - RFI, France

Interview by Jordi Batallé in "El invitado de RFI". Recorded in Radio France International studios 2016/05/23rd

La Machete @ Radio Fréquence Paris Pluriel - RFPP, Paris - France

Interviw by Abel Santa Cruz, Michelle Selvada and Efrain Rodriguezen

Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle is one of the last free and independant radio in Paris which lives without any publicity.

Online on 106.3 FM or



La Machete @ Mesa de Noche - Plus TV , Cable Mágico, Peru

Interview about the launch of La Machete's LP "De verdes... y maduras" in Lima - by Denise Arregui, Jimena Lindo and Renzo Schuller - 2012/01/12th

La Machete @ "Metropolis" - Canal 7, TV Peru

by Fátima Saldonid


La Machete @ "Couleurs du Monde" - Radio France Musique

by Françoise Desgeorges - Many thanks Françoise! ;-) 2009/10/06th

Press review

Articles and interviews from the National Peruvian press and French Press

... To be downloaded

Non exaustive, since 1999 ...


Fotos //

La Machete Mirtha Guerrero
La Machete balade musicale
La Machete balade musicale
La Machete Mirtha Guerrero
La Machete - En Lisboa
La Machete - Itineraire bis
La Machete Mesa de Noche
La Machete balade musicale
La Machete - Pisac, PR
La Machete Juan Formell Los Van Van
La Machete & Cumbia Alls Stars
La Machete Metro Paris
La Machete & Coco Vega
La Machete & Andres Soto
La Machete & Camilo Angeles
La Machete & Chalena Vasquez
La Machete & Manu Chao
La Machete & Hugo Bravo
La Machete France musique
La Bellevilloise - Paris, FR
La Bellevilloise - Paris, FR
Arequipa aeropuerto
La Machete & Pepe Cespedes
Alliance Française - Arequipa, PR
Festival "Peru Pacha"
Alliance Française - Arequipa, PR
Alliance Francaise Lima
Interview Parque de la luna Lima PR
Festival "Croisée des Chemins"
Jazz Zone - Lima, PR
Alliance Française - Lima, PR
Alliance Française - Lima, PR
Alliance Française - Lima, PR
Dock 40 - Lyon, FR
Mirtha Guerrero La Machete.jpg

Con un machete en la mano,

ella va y regresa,

y la sonrisa y el ardor, vibran en su voz.

Her music //


Although Creole and black musics are its anchor points, they alone are not enough to identify and describe it.

Coming from Peru, a country too long tied to its various "clichés, La Machete counts on breaking through to the lesser-known cultural facets of her country. Her music is in a certain sense the ancient and contemporary, traditional and renewed image of Peru. Landós, festejos, waltzes and marineras are reinvented with subtlety, both in their traditional repertoire and in their own songs. La Machete paints with character the moments shared with its public, and does so with the colours of all the other rhythms that inhabit it. Polyrhythms and intertwining melodies, where pop and jazz resonate in the voices of peoples who are brothers in history and music. In his texts, fantastic or banal stories become a pretext for reflection on the everyday or the unexpected. His lucidity mixed with fantasy and that certain humour without complacency, stirs us beyond joy and emotion..

The road //


Born in Lima, the capital of Peru, and lulled by the voice and cajón of a giant of black music, El Zambo Cavero, who played on Sundays in his neighbours' courtyard, since an early age, Mirtha also wanted to sing.

"Le dije a papa yo quiero cantar, le dije a papa yo quiero tocar" (P. Vásquez)


First steps on TV and already she love performing... Later when student years starts, the important musical encounters with Andrés Soto, Felix Casaverde and Kiri Escobar come along with. Then, the first concerts in her native Lima and in the south of Peru, shaked by the hard 80s.


In 1989, Mirtha arrives in France and for a while music is on hold... studies, meetings, travels...

Later, in 1999, in order to discover and draw her road, Mirtha chose a machete as a symbol to identify her way of "living music". Initially a work tool but also a tool of struggle for the slaves, the machete became a "weapon" of survival. A symbol of freedom that during her concerts, Mirtha's voice offers moments of emotion between healthy euphoria and sweet melancholy. This symbol is above all a desire to go with her songs into new territories, creating shortcuts, opening gaps, transcending conditions and destinies. Generous musicians share this musical adventure that is enriched with each encounter. Since then, guitars and voice are supported by Afro-Peruvian rhythmic bases. The percussion (cajón and congas) and the double bass beat the pulse of their longed-for land. Mirtha's daring compositions are exposed and captivating; punctuated by reinterpretations of "classics" of the Afro-Peruvian repertoire.

n 2005 a new round trip takes her to the cradle of black music i Peru, at El Carmen. The small village welcomes her. There, Don Amador Ballumbrosio, a living memory of this music, encouraged her and urged her "to continue against all odds" and advised her not to lend her guitar because "the instrument of course also has its soul"!

In 2006, she recorded her first compositions on the album "un batir de alas" in Peru, accompanied by Yuri Juarez (guitar), Marcos Mosquera (cajón), Joscha Oetz (contrabjo).

She returns in 2007 with a project about Peruvian and French waltz and meets the cultural director of the Alliance Française, Pierre Losson. Pierre Losson invites her to conduct workshops at the Alliance Française in Miraflores and to work in more detail on her music in Lima. This invitation materializes in 2009 with the participation of SPEDIDAM. Mirtha starts to work on her new compositions with old Peruvian musician friends Pepe Céspedes (piano) and Felix Casaverde (guitar). Enderson Herencia (bass) and Hugo Bravo (cajón) joined them and after concerts in Rimac (Lima) and in the Alianza Francesa in Arequipa, they recorded the album "De verdes... y maduras". They were all invited in 2010 by the Fondation Alliance Française de Paris to open the Suma Sumaq festival with great success. Peru is the centre of attention in the French capital. Alberto Quintanilla, Susana Baca and Javier Echecopar among those invited with her to the event. She continued to collaborate with great musicians accompanying her for the promotion of the album in Peru and France.


Now : She is currently recording a new album between Lima and Lyon (France) with the participation of Enderson Herencia bass, charango, quenacho and backing vocals, Pepe Céspedes piano, Coco Vega and Carlos Ayala acoustic guitars, Pedro Rodriguez electric guitar, Sergio " Checho " Cuadros quena, zampoñas and backing vocals, Abel García saxophone and backing vocals, Mario " el Tati " Agüero Peruvian cajón congas quijada and backing vocals, Arturo Miranda drums, percussions, Louis Torres Peruvian cajón, drums and percussions.

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