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De verdes... y maduras


Coproduction : La Brecha, Alliance Française Lima, SPEDIDAM

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"SANGRE" - Paroles et musique : Mirtha Guerrero

Where to find the courage that we need? It is curious that in the long list of symbols connected to the blood, we agree on the " cold blood " for the clarity of spirit and on the "ingnited" blood for a heart in love.

Lyrics //

La Valse Creole - CHABUCA GRANDA
Passarinho - LA MACHETE
Horizonte - La Machete

"LA VALSE CREOLE" - Paroles et musique : Chabuca Granda

Arrangements : Mirtha Guerrero

The refinement of the Peruvian waltz described and coomposed by Chabuca Granda, icon of the Peruvian music of the 60s.

"PASSARINHO" - Paroles et musique : Mirtha Guerrero

Some beings pass in people's soul like the light through a prism.

"HORIZONTE" - Paroles et musique : Mirtha Guerrero

A look which wants to reach very far, on the horizon, while we remain inevitably suspended at the present moment.

All music and lyrics : Mirtha Guerrero La Machete except for "La valse créole" music and lyrics Chabuca Granda and "Ces petits riens" music and lyrics Serge Gainsbourg

Lead Vocals: Mirtha Guerrero La Machete / Guitar : Felix Casaverde / Piano : Pepe Cespedes / Stick bass & Bass : Enderson Herencia / Percussions : Hugo Bravo / Trompet : Yohan Giaume / Backing vocals : Enderson Herencia & Felix Casaverde  / Electric Guitar "No quise Hallar Consuelo" & Additional Guitar "Horizonte" : Denis Mignard / Electric Guitars électriques "Pachamama Remix" : Juancho Esquivel & Daniel Garcia from Lima Tropical Beats / Remix "Pachamama" : Juancho Esquvel


Design & Artwork : Stéphane Hilerman & Marion Gomis from SHUT Studio - Photos : Fabienne Régnier et Nicolas Miquau

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